HEADIES 2016: Signs Falz the Bahd Guy and Simi are Beefing

Headies2016: Signs Falz the Bahd Guy and Simi are fighting

If you watched the Headies Awards 2016, you would have noticed immediately that something was off with supposed couple Falz the Bahd Guy and Simi.

simi and falz

Falz and Simi on a normal day

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To start with, their hit song from their joint EP, ‘Chemistry’ was performed by he and Adesua Etomi and not Simi. Adesua came on stage singing Simi’s chorus and he responded with his verse, then they progressed into his song Soft Work. While this could be seen as an artistic license, things became obvious as the show progressed.

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Simi won Best Vocal Performance (Female) for her song, Love Don’t Care and she was not around to collect it so Falz was called on to collect it but he did not show up.

falz and simi

The two are normally very friendly and flirty

The crowd chanted his name but it seems it fell on deaf ears so the presenter ended up accepting it on behalf of Simi. Watch below:

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The climax reached when Falz and Simi won Best Collabo and Simi came up on stage and so did Falz. It was a seriously awkward moment. Falz collected the microphone as though he was alone and thanks his fans and crew and did not once mention Simi. To top it off, he stood far from her like she did not exist and did not look at her once. See short clip of it below:

Simi moved closer to him during his speech but he finished his thanks and was about to return the mic when she stopped him. He looked annoyed as she spoke but she continued regardless. She apologized for cutting him off, called him ‘sweetheart’ and begun to say her own thanks.

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Falz and Simi

Normally their Chemistry is too much on stage but yesterday, they were like enemies

Falz looked unimpressed and when she invited him for a hug to thank him, he hugged her like he was forced to do so because of the cameras. It didn’t look as love-filled as it should be. This really contrasts with how the duo are on stage and in their videos.

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Falz and Simi

Happier days: The pair posed for the Chemistry EP cover

Simi ended her speech and they both walked off separately like they were not friends. It’s obvious something is obviously wrong and we really need to know what it is. Perhaps they tried to date and couldn’t remain friends or Adekunle Gold threatened Falz and he is backing off? What do you think could cause a fall out as awkward as this?

See fan reactions below:


See fan reactions below:headies



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