Multi award winning Jos city based robotic dancer “Flawless” reveals during an interview with Battalion Media one of the secrets behind his ability to move flexibly on stage like a root;

“Dancing has always been my dream and aspiration. It’s in me everywhere i go and i can do anything to protect it. As a matter of fact, i broke my hand just for this career. Each time i get on stage, i practically remove the hand from its joint for it to be flexible and i am glad it gives me an advantage to do my thing. This career has taken me to a lot of places, it has introduced me to millions of people within the country so i can do anything for it”

For How Long Have You Been In This Career?

“For a couple of years now. I started since when i was a kid and as you can see, I am heading somewhere up high beyond the sky.”

What Should Your Fans Be Expecting From You In The Year 2017?

“Well, a lot is currently going on in my career this year. I’m gonna be dropping some of my dance skits this year. I’m currently collaborating with some big media houses and personnel in respect to my upcoming dance skits. Rehearsals has started, infact it been so hectic for me these days because i need to rehearse well in order to bring out the best to the public.

We Hope You Don’t Break Your Neck And Legs This Time Around

“Hahahaha…… I wish i can. Like the saying goes, WHAT IS WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING WELL.”

So Tell Us Sir, Any International Tour This Year?

“I’m still trusting God for that. Meanwhile, I ve got a lot of tours to do within the country this year. Hopefully from next year by God’s grace, it Europe Tinz all the way.”

Check Out Some photos of The superstar robotic Dancer doing his Thing on stage below




Location, Location, Location.

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